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Glidex - The Best Choice in Rail Switch Lubrication


Glidex is a  synthetic fluid comprised of an iso-alkane and other proprietary ingredients that are very safe for human health and the environment.  It is currently used by several Class 1 Railroads, numerous Short Line Railroads along with Mass Transit Authorities.



Ice Free Switch


With Ice Free Switch working for you, switches can be thrown on demand even when the temperature drops to -70 degrees F.  Snow will neither form ice in the gaps nor pack between the rails, eliminating the cost and delay of interrupted operations.


Zero-Gravity Third Rail

Third Rail Anti-Icer was developed to permit uniterrupted passenger service during storms and during freezing temperatures.  With the absence of electrolytes, there is no possiblility of galvanic action and corrosion.  Electrical shorts and arcing are eliminated as well.  Because of its non-tacky nature, it will also reduce the wear-and-tear on the contact shoe.

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"Since the start of using Glidex the train crews have noticed a significant difference on all treated switches and de-rails in both hot and cold temperatures we experience here in East Tennessee, Kudos to the Glidex team for a product that does perform in the everyday harsh railroad environment!!!!"  M. Scott Ogle, General Manager, Knoxville & Holston River Railroad, Knoxville, Tennessee